Privacy Policy

Facebook (and probably Twitter) require a privacy policy for apps that use their APIs to do things like share content.

So this is it.

It applies to the Election Day Countdown web app available at and was last updated: Monday October 15th, 2018 at like 1:24 AM.

Of note, BESTTEST takes privacy very seriously, especially because we often make apps and things that directly ask you to expose parts of your personality. However, we aim to draw a distinction between Personality and Personally Identifiable Information. For instance, the number of avocados it takes for you to not want avocados anymore falls in the realm of Personality whereas your full name, address and social security number is Personally Identifiable Information.

BESTTEST is not collecting any Personally Identifiable Information about you from your use of the Election Day Countdown app. However, we are using Facebook's and Twitter's API to enable you to directly post your handmade content to their sites and you should be aware that they each have their own more serious privacy policies that often involve access to such information.

In summary, you should always be vigilant about your personal data on and off-line. Privacy is always important as laws are written by the people in power. So VOTE.