West Reading Museum of Temporary Art (2018)

Every town has its unwritten personal histories. WRMOTA is a collaborative city-wide public art project to visually document the character of West Reading, PA. A location-based website guides viewers to site-specific art installations, created in reaction to the recorded stories of community participants.

The Shape of Things (2016)

An online quiz that generates paper sculptures based on your personality. Each shape can be printed and constructed after completing the quiz. Installations of the gathered personalities have been exhibited at Front/Space (Kansas City), UCLA New Wight Gallery (Los Angeles) and Hunter College (NYC). Featured in Creators and Sculpture Magazine.

What's Your Face? (2016)

A personality quiz that determines your typeface and turns your face into type. Designed in collaboration with FISK for Portland, OR AIGA's DMOB.



As the collaborative duo, BESTTEST, Kayla Mattes and Justin Seibert embrace the interconnectivity of the web to create immersive visual art focused on social engagement.